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Reverse Block Meerschaum Pipe AGM-341

AGovem Meerschaum Pipe

Reverse Block Meerschaum Smoking Pipe With Silver Ring + Meerschaum Tamper + Fitted Case

*  Made of premium block meerschaum
*  This meerschaum pipe comes with quality fitted hard case lined velvet fabric.
*  Acrylic Stem, wider openning for better airflow
*  No synthetic painting, naturally waxed by beewax
   (Multilayer creamy beewax which heps rich coloring)
*  Briar pipe style white teflon tenon system
*  Shipping in one busines day.  Express free delivery (3-5 days)
*  You will get exactly what you see and same sizes that are declared.

Overall Length  (B)
136 mm
Bowl's Height  (A)
55 mm
Bowl's width  (E)
47 mm
Chamber Diameter  (C)
19 mm
Chamber Depth  (D)
39 mm
Pipe Weight:
65 gram ( 2,3 oz )