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Who is the Ahmet GÖVEM?

Turkish Meerschaum Pipe Master

Ahmet GÖVEM (1975- ) was born in Eskişehir/Odunpazarı. 

From a very young age, he start this valuable art alongside his father (Sümer GÖVEM 1943-2012 Leading Meerschaum Masters) and developed himself alongside very valuable and skillful masters.

Following his experiences and artistic knowledge, he established his own company, Ahmet GÖVEM MEERSCHAUM PIPES, in 1999.

High quality meerschaum pipes, which are made with the art of carving, are bought and followed by pipe lovers from many countries around the world, especially from the USA, China and European countries.

Ahmet GÖVEM continues to work actively and continues to produce perfectly embroidered meerschaum pipes.

Its products are patented as "A.Gövem" brand.

Private Information
He completed his education life in Eskişehir.

Ahmet is married and has a daughter.

He speaks English.

To continue this valuable profession, which is a father's legacy, to manufacture quality products.

To introduce Eskişehir and meerschaum art to the whole world and to deliver our quality products to our valued customers.

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